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Corporate Openings

     Summer Research Intern (3.16) Click here

 Government/Non-Profit Openings

           Deputy Division Director, Mathematics/Physical Sciences (4.25) Click here

           FBI Counterterrorism/Forensic Science Research Unit Fellowship (3.22) Click here

         Staff Scientist 1 (Mass Spectrometry-Based Proteomics, AD (3.20) Click here

         NRC Research Associateship Programs (4.16) Click here

         Research Chemist (Chemometrician/Data Scientist) (3.12) Click here

         Research Chemist (Drug Program Technical Authority) (3.12) Click here

         Research Chemist (Heroin Drug Program Technical Auth.) (3.12) Click here

         Research Chemist (Mass Spectrometer) (3.12) Click here

        Chemist (Forensic) GS 11-12 (3.12) Click here

        Chemist (Forensic) GS7-9 (3.12) Click here 

Academic Openings

             Asst. or Assoc. Professor, Non-Tenure, Bioengineering (3.30) Click here

             Tenured Associate Professor – Analytical Chemistry (3.27) Click here

                  Assistant/Associate Teaching Professor of Chemistry (3.21) Click here

               Visiting Asst. Professor, Chemistry/Biochemistry (3.15) Click here

                   Organic Chemistry Instructor (Tenure-Track) (3.15) Click here

                  Two Visiting Full-Time Faculty Positions in General Chemistry  (3.15) Click here

                 Two Non-Tenure Track Positions in Chemistry (4.7) Click here

                Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry (3-Year Appointment) (3,7) Click here

                Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 3-Year Visiting Position (3.6) Click here

               Postdoctoral Fellow, Chemistry and Biochemistry (3.6) Click here

              Visiting Assistant Professor, Inorganic Chemistry (3.3) Click here

              Lecturer (3.26) Click here

               Assistant Professor, Tenure Track, Analytical Chemistry (3.23) Click here


               Organic Chemistry Instructor (3.18) Click here

              Assistant or Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry (3.18) Click here

              Pathway to Faculty Fellowship, Chemical Biology (3.18) Click here