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Corporate Openings    

      Project Reliability Engineer (5.5) Click here

      Senior Scientist (Bioanalytical) R&D (5.5) Click here

      Principal Scientist, Computational Chemist (5.1) Click here
      Senior Scientist, Computational Chemist (5.1) Click here

      Sr. Scientific Researcher, Protein Biochemist, Peptide Discovery (4.29) Click here

      Senior Process Engineer, Comparability (4.19) Click here

      Senior Manager, Process Engineer, LCM (4.19) Click here

      Senior Manager, Process Engineer/Scientist, Cell Therapy (4.19) Click here

      Senior Process Engineer, Capitol Projects (4.19) Click here

      Senior Manager, Process Engineer, Single-Use (4.19) Click here

     Internship Opportunity (4.26) Click here

Government/Non-Profit Openings 

    Deputy Division Director, Molecular and Cellular Biosciences (5.13) Click here

    Director, Learning and Center Development (5.12) Click here

    Program Specialist (5.5) Click here

    ARL Distinguished Program Postdoctoral Fellowships (5.31) Click here

    Walter Massey PhD Fellowship (6.2) Click here

    High Explosives - Experimentalist Staff Scientist (4.15) Click here

    Actinide Isotope Signatures - Research Scientist (4.15) Click here

    Chemical and Isotopic Signatures - Research Scientist (4.15) Click here

    Formulation Chemist - Staff Scientist/Research Scientist (4.15) Click here

    Experimental Chemist - Postdoctoral Researcher (4.15) Click here

    Chemical and Materials Data Science - Postdoctoral Researcher (4.15) Click here

    Nanofluidics - Postdoctoral Researcher (4.15) Click here

    Chemist - High Explosives Application Facility (HEAF) (4.15) Click here

    Mesoscale Modeling, Postdoctoral Researcher (4.15) Click here

    Detonation Science Postdoctoral Researcher (4.15) Click here

    Materials Science - Target Fabrication Engineer (4.15) Click here

    Ramrod Chemist (4.15) Click here

    Section Head, Arctic Sciences (5.1) Click here

    General Engineers/Technical Analyst, Mid-Level (4.19) Click here

     Postdoctoral Research Assoc., Air Force Science & Technology Fellowship Program (4.16) Click here

     Postdoctoral Research Assoc., NRC Research Associateships Program (4.16) Click here

Academic Openings          

     Max Tishler Research Professor of Chemistry, Medicinal (5.8) Click here

     Assistant Professor, Term, Chemistry (5.8) Click here

     Organic Chemistry Laboratory Instructional Coordinator (5.6) Click here      

     Instructor, Department of Chemistry (5.5) Click here

    Chemistry Faculty (4.30) Click here
   Postdoctoral Scholar, Environmental Chemistry (4.30)  Click here

    Lecturer, Physical, Analytical, General Chemistry (4.30) Click here

    Lecturer, Undergrad, Organic Chemistry Lab (4.26) Click here

    Assistant Professor, Chemistry (4.25) Click here

     Postdoctoral Fellow (4.24) Click here

     Professor, Agricultural Residue Chemistry (4.18) Click here

    Temporary Lecturer (4.15) Click here

     Chemistry Teacher (5.9) Click here

     Tenure-Track, Asst. Professor, Computational Chemistry (4.22) Click here

           Tenure-Track, Asst Professor, Chemical Engineering (5.16) Click here

              Chemical Engineering, Teaching-Track (5.15) Click here