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Corporate Opening 

SC Johnson, Senior Associate, Formulation Chemist Click here

SC Johnson, Senior Associate, Process Engineer Click here 

DuPont, New College Graduate, Research and Development (PhD) (9.16) Click here

L’Oreal USA, Formulation Chemist – Development (9.25 ) Click here

Government Opening 

Idaho National Laboratory Seeks Analytical Chemists (10.11) Click here

Berkeley Lab's Chemical Sciences Division Seeks Chemist Research Scientist (9.30) Click here

FDA Career Fair (9.15) Click here

Fellowship Opportunities, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (9.15) Click here

Pacific Northwest Laboratory, Chief, Scientist, Multi-Scale Ecosystems Science (9.15) Click here

Chemical and Fuel Cycle Technologies Division Director, Argonne National Laboratories (10.14) Click here

Faculty Opening  

Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track, Analytical Chemistry, California State University Northridge (10.20) Click here

Tenure-Track Geochemistry and Environmental Science Position, Hope College (10.19) Click here

Polymer Synthesis, Faculty Opening, Virginia Tech (10.18) Click here

Faculty Position in Chemistry, Virginia Tech (10.18) Click here

Natural Sciences Professoriate-Track Faculty Research Fellowship (2019-2021) (12.18) Click here

Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor, Bioinorganic Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (10.16) Click here

Two Tenure-Track Positions, Assistant Professor, Mathematical and Computational Life Sciences (10.14) Click here

University of California, Riverside, Assistant Professor, New Chemistries and Materials for Sustainability (10.4) Click here

Non-Tenure-Track Lecturer, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Colorado College (10.12) Click here

Iowa State, Assistant Professor, Organic or Analytical Chemistry (10.14) Click here

Tenure-Track Position, Bioanalytical Chemistry, Appalachian State University (10.11) Click here

Chemistry Instructor, University of Minnesota, Rochester, Center for Learning Innovation (10.11) Click here

Soka University of America Seeks Professor of Biology (Open-Rank) (11.5) Click here

Professor of Biochemistry (Open-Rank), Soka University of America (11.15) Click here

Soka University of America, Assistant Professor of Mathematics (11.5) Click here

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Hamilton College (10.10) Click here

Institute for Molecular Engineering and Biological Sciences, University of Chicago, Multiple Openings, Assistant/Associate/Professor, Caner Biology/ Bioengineering and Immunology/Immunoengineerig (12.10) Click here

Soka University of America, Professor of Molecular and/or Cell Biology (Open-Rank) (11.5) Click here

Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Oberlin College (10.10) Click here

Endowed Professor of Chemistry, Indiana University, Bloomington (10.7) Click here

Opening, Neuroscience/Chemical Biology Cluster, University of Utah (11.7) Click here

Tenure-Track, Assistant/Associate Professor, Analytical Chemistry, Ohio University (10,6) Click here

University of Utah, Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor of Chemistry (Disciplined-Based Education Research) (10.31) Click here

Tenure-Track, Biochemistry or Bioanalytical Chemistry, Allegheny College (10.6) Click here

University of Virginia, Department of Chemical Engineering, Open-Rank Position (10.6) Click here

Rice University, Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Organic Synthesis (10.6) Click here

Bryn Mawr College, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry (10.4) Click here

Assistant or Associate Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry and Chemistry Departments (10.4) Click here

Tenure-Track or Tenured Faculty Position, University of Minnesota Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (9.30) Click here

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, University of Washington (10.2) Click here

Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor, Biochemistry/Bioanalytical Chemistry, Allegheny College (10.31) Click here

Assistant Professor in Chemistry, Quantum Materials and Technology Cluster, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (10.31) Click here

Cornell College, Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor,  Biochemistry (9.30) Click here

Two Tenure-Track Chemistry Faculty Positions, The College of New Jersey (9.30) Click here

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Assistant Professor in Chemistry (10.30) Click here

Assistant Professor, Chemistry/Biochemistry, Eastern Illinois University (9.30) Click here

Faculty Position, Theoretical and Computational Molecular Science at Dartmouth College (9.29) Click here

Barnard College Assistant Professor, Biochemistry (9.29) Click here

Assistant Professor of Chemistry (Analytical), St. John's University (9.29) Click here

New York University, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry (10.28) Click here

Assistant Professor, Chemistry, San Diego Mesa College (9.28) Click here

Chair, Department of Chemistry, Illinois Institute of Technology (9.27) Click here

Tenure-Track, All Ranks, Department of Chemistry, School of Natural Sciences, St. Edward's University (10.27) Click here

MIT, Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor (9.27) Click here

Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track, Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Chemistry and Biochemistry (9.27) Click here

Tenure-Track, Analytical Chemistry Hope College (9.27) Click here

Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, Nazareth College (9.24) Click here

Assistant Professor, Physical Chemistry, Oakland University (10.24) Click here

Dartmouth College, Tenured Associate/Full Professor, Synthetic/Organic Chemistry (9.23) Click here

Physical Chemistry Faculty Positions, Boston College (9.23) Click here

Tenure-Track Faculty Position, Assistant Professor, Organic Chemistry, Illinois State University (9.22) Click here

Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor Molecular Engineering, Institute for Molecular Engineering, University of Chicago (11.20) Click here

Tenure-Track Faculty Position, Junior Level, Stanford University, Department of Chemical Engineering (11.20) Click here

Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track, Areas of Physical, Analytical or Computational Chemistry, Carnegie Mellon University (9.20) Click here

Assistant Professor, Chemical Biology, Carnegie Mellon University (9.20) Click here

Tenure-Track Position, Analytical Chemistry, University of Utah (10.17) Click here

Department of Chemistry Stanford University, Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track (10.15) Click here

Tenure-Track Faculty Position, Any Area of Chemistry, University of Michigan (9.15) Click here

Dartmouth College Seeks Individual who has Developed a Nationally Recognized Research Program in Computational/Simulation Physical Chemistry, and will Excel at Teaching Undergraduate and Ph.D. Curricula (11.13) Click here

Spelman College Seeks Assistant Associate or Full Professor of Chemistry (11.10) Click here

Furman University, Two Tenure-Track Chemistry Positions (9.10) Click here

Tenure Track Positions in Bioorganic and Organic Chemistry at Williams College (9.30) Click here

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, University of Chicago (9.30) Click here

Biochemistry Tenure-track Position, St. Olaf College (9.30) Click here