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NOBCChE Board of Directors Roster

NOBCChE is run entirely by volunteers. Our President, Treasurer, Secretary, Board members, Chapter leaders and National Committee leaders are all full time professionals lead and run NOBCChE on a volunteer basis. Use the links below to connect with the NOBCChE board of directors and learn more about the reasons they serve.

Directors: FY 2022-2023

Administrative Officers

  • Dr. Murrell Godfrey, Past President
  • Dr. Rena Robinson, President
  • Dr. Bridgette Shannon, President-Elect
  • Dr. Victor Atiemo--Obeng, Treasurer
  • Dr. Victoria Parker, National Secretary

Executive Officers

  • Dr. Simon K. Shannon, Chair of the Board
  • Dr. Sharon Kennedy, Vice Chair of the Board
  • Dr. Paul Adams, Director-at-Large
  • Dr. Devin Swiner, Director-at-Large
  • Dr. Lamont Terrell, Director-at-Large
  • Dr. LaRico Treadwell, Director-at-Large
  • Dr. Ashley Wallace, Director-at-Large
  • Dr. Deetrice Wallace, Director-at-Large
  • Leo Fontenot, National Student Representative
  • Dr. Kevin Ileka, Parliamentarian
  • Dr. Brianna Simms, Executive Secretary

Regional Directors

  • Dr. Jade Bing, Midwest Regional Chair
  • Dr. Isaiah Speight, West Regional Chair
  • Dr. Margo Montgomery-Richardson, Southeast Regional Chair
  • Dr. Tyrslai Williams-Carter, Southwest Regional Chair
  • Dr. Sharon Neal, Northeast Regional Chair