As part of STEM Week 2021 NOBCChE is proud to announce the return of its annual National Science Bowl (for middle schoolers and high schoolers).

…While in the midst of a pandemic?


...While maintaining social distancing?



Over the past several months the NOBCChE STEM Week committee has dedicated their efforts to developing a robust web-based format for the NOBCChE National Science Bowl, which has run annually in and of itself since 1989. Competitors will be able to hear the moderator, see the moderator, and buzz in remotely from their touchscreen devices. Where other quiz bowls have resorted to chat rooms and doing away with buzzers altogether, we have a solution to bring the National Science Bowl experience to YOUR screen, wherever your location nationwide.

…What will we need in order to participate?

First and foremost, interested coaches will need to assemble a team of four young and inquisitive minds. The Junior Division will consist of teams made up of 7th, 8th, and/or 9th graders. The Senior Division will consist of teams made up of 10th, 11th, and/or 12th graders. Each individual team will consist of no more than 4 students. Teams may consist of students originating from multiple schools in a given geographic region or school district.

Second, your team will need a stable internet connection (hardwired is the most stable), a personal computer (or tablet, etc.) with access to ZOOM, and a touchscreen device for each competitor in order to access our licensed buzzer app ( The buzzer app may be accessed on any web browser.

Our goal is to maximize nationwide inclusivity. Once your team is registered, our Science Bowl Chairs will work with you to help identify any resources that your team may need on your end in order to compete to the best of their ability. To that end, we are also waiving the traditional entry fee in this circumstance in order to foster participation.

…What are the question topics?

The NOBCChE National Science Bowl continues to set itself apart from other national quiz bowls by its emphasis on knowledge of the fields of physical and life science, engineering, mathematics, and Black history. Registered teams will receive preparation packets and sample questions to review and practice with their coaches.

 …What about Regional competitions leading up to Nationals, as in years past?

Once the STEM week committee meets a quota of registered teams, we will organize a competition bracket between teams from across the country leading up to the Finals, which will be held under the auspices of the National conference in September. In order to compensate for any geographically-induced latency, we will do our best to pair competing teams from proximal regions.

…Are there prizes?

In addition to trophies and commemorative plaques the committee is looking into offering team prizes

.Where do I sign up?

Check out the link to the registration form above! The registration deadline is May 15, 2021.

In summary, a quick look at our country's pandemic response is enough to convince anyone of the fact that ours is not a scientific culture, or even a cultured culture, for that matter. The Science Bowl presents a singularly unique opportunity to introduce some such elements to the very roots of our public discourse. As a former competitor myself, NOBCChE’s Science Bowl taught my imagination exactly why Madam C.J. Walker mattered and why she continues to matter. The word is not going to spread itself.

If you have further questions, please direct them to [email protected]

Thank you for your kind interest!