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Government/Non-Profit Opening  

Applications Being Accepted for Maria Goeppert Mayer Fellowship, Argonne National Laboratory (10.15) Click here

University Openings  

University of Buffalo, Assistant Professor, Experimental Chemical Biology, Tenure-Track (9.19) Click here

Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor, Chemistry of Sustainability, University of Buffalo  (9.19) Click here

Prtizker School of Molecular Engineering, University of Chicago, Multiple Faculty Positions  (11.15) Click here

Texas A&M, Multiple Assistant Professor Positions, All Areas of Chemistry (9.14) Click here

Duquesne University, Assistant Professor of Chemistry (9.13) Click here

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, The University of Chicago (10.13) Click here

Tenure-Track Faculty Position, Computational Chemistry, Haverford College (9.12) Click here

Trinity University, Tenure-Track Assistant Professor Positions (9.12) Click here

Tenure-Track, Materials Chemistry, University of Notre Dame (9.8) Click here

Tenure-Track Faculty Position, Analytical Sciences, University of Notre Dame (9.8) Click here

Assistant or Associate Professor, Chemistry Education, Western Washington University (9.8) Click here

Syracuse University, Assistant Professor, Medicinal Chemistry (11.6) Click here

Assistant Professor, Computational Chemistry, Syracuse University (11.8) Click here

Cal State, East Bay, Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor, Analytical Chemistry (9.9) Click here

Faculty Position, Chemistry, University of California, Irvine (9.6) Click here

Assistant Professor, Analytical Chemistry, Western Washington University (9.6) Click here

Chemistry Faculty Position, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (9.6) Click here

Assistant Professor, Chemistry, St. Edward's University (10.6) Click here

Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track, Stanford (10.5) Click here

Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor, Williams College (10.6) Click here

Organics Lab Researcher, Penn State (9.5) Click here

Assistant/Associate Professor of Chemistry, Hope College (9.1) Click here

Tenure-Track Faculty Positions, Analytical and Materials Chemistry (10.2) Click here

Chemistry Department Lecturer III, University of Michigan (9.1) Click here

Assistant Professor Chemistry/Biochemistry, Eastern Illinois University  (8.31) Click here

Biochemistry/Chemical Biology, Assistant Professor, Colgate University (9.1) Click here

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Pacific Lutheran University (8.30) Click here

Faculty Position, Medical Devices, Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth (8.25) Click here

Assistant Professor, Biochemistry, Soka University (9.18) Click here

Open Rank, Professor, Biochemistry, Soka University (9.18) Click here

Assistant Professorship, Experimental/Physical Chemistry, Rice University (8.16) Click here

Associate/Assistant Professor, Organic Chemistry, Skidmore College (8.16) Click here

Tenure-Track, Chemistry/Biochemistry, The College of New Jersey (8.3) Click here

University of Chicago, Physical Science Division, Chemistry Department, Lecturer (8.30) Click here

Tenure-Track Faculty Position Georgia Institute of Technology (7.24) Click here

Chairperson, Department of Chemistry, Michigan State University (9.15) Click here